Volunteer in India with AVI to work for disabled and Mentally challenged children

Volunteer in India to help the disabled and mentally challenged children. It is often seen that the disabled children in India are ignored by the community and even by their own family members sometimes. The volunteer work with disabled program in India by AVI is developed to help special kids and physically challenged kids who need love, care and affection. In the educational and personal development of the children who are from the difficult backgrounds, Artistic expression can prove to be an extremely important tool. Creative and fun activities could be used to the mental as well as physical condition of these children. The opportunities are provided to these underprivileged children to explore their talents and express themselves and this helps in the improvement of their confidence.

This volunteer program to help disabled at ‘We Volunteer in India’ gives an opportunity to the volunteers to get involved in the activities that are aimed towards nurturing and mounting the personal development of the children who belong to the disadvantaged communities by means of creative and fun arts activities.

There are one-to-one sessions and groups and therefore you can spend your time evenly in teaching in these. There are a variety of activities that you can take part in with the children depending on your interests. These activities include drawing, music, painting, dance, singing, drama, creative writing and storytelling. There are plenty of exercises to keep you occupied all the time as you will also spend some of your time in developing your own arts projects. The volunteer program for disabled by AVI helps volunteers develop special kind of bonding with the kids that lasts long. There are testimonials to show past volunteers still miss the special moments they had with these kids.

Why volunteer program for helping physically challenged and disabled kids in India by AVI is preferred?

  • At AVI, special children are brought to school every day where they get love, support and affection from volunteers.
  • Volunteers help children to wash their face and hands with water and soap, brushing their teeth and hair etc, this helps the children to feel better.
  • Stretch your hands to these children so that they can take participation in our morning prayer and learn the social manners.
  • In order to improve the educational level of the children, you can teach them some basic Mathematics and English.
  • Do some activities like playing some indoor games, musical instruments and reading story books in order to explore the inner skills of the children.
  • Try to improve the usefulness and awareness of the children by helping them to know about the importance of human values, education, about the surroundings, about the country, health and hygiene.
  • You can take initiative to spread awareness in the community to take care of such children. This will help the children to feel better and have good feelings for the community to which they belong to.
  • Your participation in such activities will make a significant contribution towards the educational as well as personal development of these children.

If you wish to volunteer in India then you should have a look at volunteer program for helping disabled by AVI that allows you to spread few moments of love and happiness that you are going to remember your whole life.