Volunteer Women Empowerment Program in India

If you wish to volunteer in India and looking for a good option, then volunteering in India for women empowerment with AVI is indeed a good option. Sustainable development of a community or society along with the family could be achieved on the basis of the fact that “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”. In India, women have no earnings and therefore they remain dependent on their family for livelihood and this is the main reason why they are not provided with equal rights. Women are also the victims of domestic violence because they have limited access to several important resources and employment opportunities. The thing that can help the women to live a dignified life and protect themselves from domestic violence is empowerment and it is must to be provided to them. The volunteer program in India as offered by AVI for women empowerment is developed so as to help women become self independent.

Are you the one who is passionate to bring a change by imparting equal rights and education opportunities to women? Local community schools could be assisted with free classes for women in this program so that those who did not get a chance to participate in education can receive benefits. Volunteers could make efforts to help with the skills those they posses in teaching numeracy, English etc. These women strive to improve their skills either to help their children in their homework or for their personal development or to get new job opportunities or to set up income generating activities in small scale. Therefore, at ‘We volunteer in India’ the volunteers can have a chance to provide their support to these women by participating in these programs.

Number of social inequalities are there like mistreatment from the spouses, gender specific abortions, eve teasing, marriage at an early age and denial of right to education. The main aim of Women empowerment programs by AVI in India is to assist in the process of gender equality with the help of varied activities like healthcare, educational and income generation and this is why initiatives have been made in India.

The women in these volunteer programs get the opportunity to learn the art to create jewelry, sew and other crafts along with the teaching of usual subjects like mathematics, Hindi and English. In these programs, the women sew clothes for their own children and for the children who belong to the disadvantaged families having limited access to number of resources. The main aim of these reliable women empowerment volunteer programs in India is to develop the skills in women by which they are able to help their own family. In order to make these women self dependent, manufacturing of bracelets and jewelry is also done for the purpose of sale.

Why hundreds of Volunteers selected the volunteer women empowerment program by AVI- We Volunteer in India?

  • The program at AVI is designed to teach the importance of healthy living and cleanliness to the women so that they can lead a healthy life.
  • Issues of the women are listened carefully by the volunteers and they provide help in a friendly manner with the aim of the development of the society.
  • In number of interactive sessions, the women are taught the basic subjects like mathematics, English and Hindi along with conversation skills.
  • They are taught with the skills of sewing, making of jewelry and bracelets and toys and their practical skills are improved in this way.
  • Awareness is spread in the young girls/women about their policies and rights that are implemented for their development and they are educated with this.
  • Information is provided to the women about the strategic interventions for their growth in terms of productivity.
  • Knowledge about the reproductive health and various other measured that are taken for the women and children is provided by the volunteers.

At AVI, volunteers get an opportunity to spend time with the needy people and understand their problem closely. Located in Rajasthan, India, here volunteers develop special bonding and that is evidenced from the fact that the past volunteers are still connected with AVI. Here’s the testimonials of past volunteers, who still maintain a strong bond with the innocent and loving people with whom they shared few of the most unforgettable moments of their life. Here’s our Facebook page to show few glimpse of unforgettable moments shared at AVI.