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Volunteering in India is something that’s preferred by a number of volunteers from all around the world. If you wish to volunteer in India and wish to know about the volunteering experiences what you can had here,then here’s a short but real story of Preeti, from a poor, low caste family who won the heart of almost all volunteers.

AVI- We Volunteer in India is happy to share the story of this courageous who never lost hope and is still sharing happy moments with volunteers and people around her. Preety is a girl of around 13 who suffered from polio attack in her very young age. She lives in Banajra Basti with her parents along with her 6 younger siblings who belong to the low caste community. Her father works as a shoe repairer and mother works with collection of recyclable material from streets to make their livelihood. Of course, their resources are quite minimum, still they tried to get Preety treated when she got polio attack so that she could live a normal life. But they were rather late in reaching to the right doctors and finally the doctors declared that Preety won’t be able to live a normal life as she has become disabled permanently.She got paralysis on her complete body. So, she can neither walk, use her hands, or even speak but one very special quality she has.. she can FEEL… She can feel love, happiness, sympathy and that’s why she gives much more than she gets from volunteers and everyone in her family.

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She is unable to speak at all. However, she can listen and understand and also express her reactions in some way by using her body language. She is unable to stand or walk as her nerve system is paralyzed completely. Also, she doesn’t have strength in her arms to hold anything and her legs are unable to bear her body weight to be able to stand or walk. She can’t feed herself. So, her mother and younger sister Nita help her with almost everything she needs in her everyday life.Yes, it means everything right from the day’s start!

Preeti can stand with the support of volunteers in India

She often stays alone at her home in day time as her mother goes for working and her siblings go to their school. This makes her unhappy and even scared from street dogs and other animals that wander in Banjara Basti almost all the time. She often thinks why no one remains with her and fails to get answers most of the times. But one day. AVI- We Volunteers in India noticed her and decided to help her. From that day on, she is most of the times with volunteers who smile with her, play with her and help her by telling she is not alone at all. Not to mention, she is the favorite of all volunteers who still show how much they love by commenting on her every pic posted by AVI on their Facebook Page. If you also wish to help someone like Preeti to have a great smile then instead of contributing with money, you should come forward and volunteer in India with AVI to bring a smile on her face. There’s a lot more you can do when you volunteer with this reliable volunteering organization in India.

AVI volunteers have been helping her in many ways to make her life as better as possible. Their main activities include:

Giving her a shower and body massage so that she remains clean and feels better.

Feeding her with a healthy food brought from our volunteer’s camp every day.

Bringing her to AVI’s school so that she can feel better by staying with other children.

Giving her a practice of walking on an iron framed structure so that she can gain some strength in her arms as well as legs so that she may be able to manage some of her basic needs on her own.

Creating some recreational activities and games to make her happy.

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So, if you are looking for the best volunteering organization in India then there are many like Preeti waiting for you at We Volunteer in India. They are special who deserve love, few moments of your life and a bit of help. Being a human, at least this much we can do or? If you wish to inquire more before you volunteer in India, then we will be glad to answer your queries. mail us at: or fill the form with the details. Let’s bring a change in the life of some..

We Volunteer in India- AVI is with Preeti. Are you.