Being a reliable destination for volunteering in India, we come across a number of incidences that leave behind a very deep impression on the heart of everyone. Here’s one true story by one of our volunteers in India who thinks herself fortunate enough to come to We Volunteer in India as a part of her volunteer in India program. Haller a little life in my hands. Kanner bones in the lean body and the little girl is completely lifeless in my arms. The body is steaming hot and the heart beating so fast that I just waiting for it to stop beating. I hold her tight against me and whispers of love in her ear, singing soothing songs and hope she hears me. Sitting under a tree, and is furious. Furious, why not take this girl to the hospital, so no one sees how she March. She has been left to me, a stranger who shed tears for an unknown child.


Around the star around us full of adults and they laugh. They laugh at me, taking care of her and the boys my concern. Sometimes the little one wakes up to da I keep water from my hand to her mouth, trying to feed her with a banana but no appetite there. The girl’s grandmother sometimes come and draw a cross in the ground and show laughing the girl to be up in the sky. “HOSPITAL” I try in vain to get up, but they laugh back, “No hospital madame” and pointing up in the sky.

They want this girl to die so that they have a burden less in the family already has three daughters. They know very well that the organization pays all costs but does not let us take her there, because then they know that perhaps she is getting better and will come back.


I think of Victor and how good we tried to make him have it his last time, full of love just for him. This little girl of the same age would not know of. Perhaps it is best for her to vanish from this cruel world? Getting a better place elsewhere? I do not want but is forced to leave her in the hands that do not care. I have to go home from the village but do not want to. When I get home, I go to Madan (the main leader) and explains the terrible situation. He explains equally distressed that he had done all he could with no parents to tooth father none of us take the child to the hospital. They want her to die so that they will not have to take care of her and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Anxiety all night, cannot stop thinking about her. Guilt fasting that I know I can do nothing. When I came back the next day so I look around for her, farther away, I look a little meager life in the dirty sand comes walking towards me a little smile glimpsed when she stretches her arms to get up and hugs me hard. I can feel the lump in my throat gets bigger when I realize that she passed the night. Forldrarna gar now also agree to take her to the hospital, so now she’ll be fine. I cannot help to think that maybe she was lucky if she passed away and lamtan his cruel family, and I will not be ashamed of the way I think. She will never get to live a dignified life as long as she fine left in this world.


“My name Sanjana, and should not live today. When I was little, I was so sick that I became unconscious, but my mom would not take me to the doctor, the girl is only a burden to the Indian family. She waited for I would die, but I was rescued by the volunteers who took me to a hospital. ”

Now she is studying in a private school and AVI is paying for her school expenses as she is one of the brighter children of her community.