India is a land of various cultures with a very rich heritage and will leave you fascinated and wanting more. With the steady industrialization and economic growth it has changed a lot in the last few decades some of them good some not so much. Lopsided development has left it facing a lot of challenges like poverty, malnutrition, subjugation of women to name a few. It needs upliftment and support for its poor and has thus become a volunteering hotspot in the past few years.

Why India?


India has a varied and vibrant culture which is imbued even in the poor and the people are welcoming and friendly. Volunteers opting to stay with a host family or in volunteer houses get to experience a taste of the culture and tradition a get the real Indian experience.

Why Should You Volunteer Via An International Placement Organization?

They have the required knowledge to provide you with the right kind of accommodation which is safe and also comfortable for volunteers coming from different countries. Arrangements for all your basic requirements like food, clean water are made by them. Also finding a suitable and appropriate volunteering activity can be quite cumbersome for an individual and so professional help is recommended.

Who Can Volunteer?


There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years to be volunteering. The country hosts a lot of volunteers from countries like USA, Canada, U.K., and Spain to name a few. A lot of non-residential Indians also take part in the volunteering activities. If you are passionate about its culture and heritage you should take up volunteering as it is shows you the country in a whole new way.

What Do You Gain By Volunteering In India?

It gives you the chance to do something meaningful while travelling, develops your personality and interpersonal skills and also helps you refine your professional skill set. India is a country with a rich heritage and varied culture and volunteering here gives you a taste of the culture also the “Atithi Devo Bhava” concept practised in India leaves in you a lasting impact as the hospitality of Indians is immaculate.

Volunteering Opportunities in India

There are numerous volunteering opportunities in India such as teaching English to kids, working in orphanage, women empowerment program, medical internships, healthcare programs and projects coupled with sightseeing on the weekends. The volunteers should keep in mind the cultural sensitivities of India especially while volunteering in children or women program.

Travelling India

Volunteer in India-AVI1

India is a beautiful country with an wide array of different landscapes. It has plenty to offer to the visitor and volunteering here can b e a mentally culturally and spiritually rewarding experience.

Things to Keep In Mind

Before volunteering one should buy health and travel insurance. Only consume high quality food and quality water so that you don’t fall sick. Cultural sensitivities should be kept in thoughts and venturing out alone at night is not advisable. If necessary precautions are taken volunteering in India can be a fulfilling experience.