Why Volunteer in India

There are a number of reasons/circumstances that necessitate to help the needy populations of India by means of volunteering.

A big part of Indian population lives in the situation where they are deprived of the resources. They don’t get opportunity to have access to basic education, primary health care and skill development to be able to make their life better. Lack of jobs and poverty makes the situation even worse. Also, there are some other reasons that are responsible for the pathetic situation of many of the people. These are:

The caste system

India’s population is divided into a very typical caste system since ancient times. People are divided in different caste groups based on the profession they were involved with. The population of Hathi Tiba and Banjara Basti are nomads, who are among the lowest castes- the so-called untouchables.

Vulnerable situation of women and girls

India ends up at 134th place out of 187 countries just lower than both Saudi Arabia and Iraq, when the United Nations ranks based on the factors- female unemployment, political representation and health. Women and girls do not enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men and boys in India. Female fetuses are aborted; girls eat inferior to boys and receive lesser training. The country’s women are plagued by human trafficking, slavery and sexual harassment.

Lack of Training

There are many children who do not get opportunity to attend schools in spite of free basic education facility provided by the local governments. The reasons for this are many- some parents deny their children to go to school as they use them in the domestic work- taking care of their younger siblings, herding goats in the fields or in any way assist with supplies etc. In fact, it is not part of their tradition in poor communities to send the children to schools as most parents haven’t been to schools. So, they don’t realize the importance of education in one’s life.

Why volunteer with AVI

AVI provides amazing cross cultural learning opportunities and greater chances of immersion in a quite different and vibrant culture. At AVI we give equal consideration to the needs of the community and of our participants.

AVI works with the poorest of the poor people in India so-called “Untouchables” who are the neediest communities to be helped with in all walks of their basic needs. Their residencies lack basic facilities of schools, primary health centers, day care centers and other community development centers where they can learn and develop new skills and earn their livelihood in a better way.

These people are neither welcomed nor accepted in other societies mainly because of their inappropriate behavior. AVI participants along with its regular local staff play an important role in improving their social behaviour, basic education and practical skills through many interesting volunteer activities.

Our volunteer programs are well planned and structured by experienced Indian working staff. We make sure that our participants stay safe, exciting and enjoy our endless hospitality, home made fresh delicious and healthier food while being able to make their volunteering enriching and meaningful.

Our vision

AVI’s vision is that residents of Banjara Basti and Hathi Tiba:

  • Are treated like all other human beings.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in other communities/groups.
  • Stay clean and keep their living spaces and surroundings neat and tidy.
  • Have the opportunity to improve their social behavior and practical skills to be able to make a better living.
  • Are aware of the negative effects of smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, gambling, etc.
  • All the children get opportunity to study in regular schools.