volunteer work in India- AVI
India, being a fascinating country attracts tourists from all around the world for a number of reasons. Sometimes the reasons include travelling and exploring the beautiful country, and sometimes it is an urge to help the needy and the poor ones. Yes, there are an end number of people who wish to volunteer in India from all around the world as they wish to get a kind of satisfaction that’s hard to explain in words.

If you are also planning to volunteer in India and have doubts, then here are few tips to help you take away from all the doubts:

1. Volunteer in India after doing careful research about the volunteering organization and your area of interest: The first and the foremost requirement before volunteering in India is to find out if the chosen volunteering organization is reliable and if it actually has done something for the poor and the needy ones in the past. It is very important since there are a number of organizations that treat volunteering as a business which is more than a noble cause. Moreover, it is also important for you to find out in which volunteering program you are most comfortable. For instance, if you love kids, then you may go for teaching program for the kids or any other program wherein you can devote some time with the kids.

2. Inquire about the food: It is here most of the volunteers do a big mistake. Although Indian food is known worldwide for its great taste and diversities, sometimes it gets difficult for volunteers from abroad to digest that spicy food and as a result they get into problems. The problem is not exactly the food, rather the preparation. When you volunteer in India, it is important to select that volunteering organization in India where the food is prepared in house. For instance at AVI- We Volunteer in India, the organization has a complete in house preparation for food and so the food is prepared keeping in mind the taste and health requirements of the volunteers.

3. Home Stay option: Another important parameter to consider is the option of staying. You can do volunteer work in India effectively, only if you are able to get good environment and at least a good sleep. In other words, your stay needs to be comfortable at least to that extent that you can work with full zeal and sleep properly. At AVI, unique home stay option is provided so that the volunteers can live with the members of AVI and enjoy the close view of Indian life.

4. Clothing: Clothing is another important factor that you must consider before opting for any volunteer work in India. Most of the volunteers have doubts, especially the females that what to wear when volunteer in India. In this regard, it is important to go for an organization where you can have freedom of choice of clothes for instance at AVI, where you can enjoy the traditional Indian clothes or the clothes that you carry without any restriction. It simply means you can enjoy traditional Salwaar Kurta or you can remain in your jeans, t-shirt or shorts when you volunteer in India.
volunteer in India for teaching street kids
The above mentioned are just a few factors to help you plan for volunteer work in India. So, what are you waiting for? Drop an email at info@wevolunteerinindia.com or have a look at the programs to select the right volunteer work option in India.