Volunteering is a way to promote intercultural understanding between people of different backgrounds where they can learn about different cultures, attitudes and life style. Also, it is a greater way to explore typical things of this diverse country while enjoying great food, making new friends and developing yourself during travel across India. At the same time, you can see how important are your contributions for the needy populations here who live and manage their life with lesser resources.

At AVI, volunteer programs are offered that  are safe, interesting, meaningful, affordable and sure to give a sense of satisfaction that everyone longs for. At, We Volunteer in India,  a number of programs are offered including, cultural exchange programs in India, gap year programs, working with disables, Summer Volunteer programs, Street children programs, women empowerment programs, Teaching English programs, Programs related to health and hygiene and so on. One can join these volunteer programs in India as a group, as an individual or along with their family members.

Why Volunteering in India via AVI is preferred?

It is really a dream of most of the kind heart and fun loving people to go for volunteering in India. But, they find it hard to know about the reliable, affordable and quality volunteer program in India. It is here AVI can help them out. With over 10 years of experience, we have a long list of happy volunteers who prefer to mention what they got working with us. Here’s our testimonial and reviews of the past volunteers from a number of countries along with their verifiable contact details to help you decide if you should choose AVI to volunteer in India.

AVI invites contributions from all – families, couples, groups and students to bring a meaningful change in the lives of the needy people of our region in India. Here’s a list of volunteering programs available with us for which you can apply for the year 2016-2017.

Child Care Project

Teaching Project

Health Care Project

Women Empowerment Project

Working with Disables

For more information about the background of AVI, we request you to have a look at our About us page. For further information do mail us at: info@wevolunteerinindia.com