Childhood is the most innocent stage of a human, if not taken care properly the chances of them landing up on the dark side of the world are extremely high.




There are millions of children who stay on streets and don’t have home to go, this situation may arrive due to various reasons like running away from home, being abandoned by family, kidnapped or orphaned. These are the young kids when they land up in the wrong hands become the victims of crime and unlawful activities. Due to the lack of guidance in their later stage, they tend to choose the wrong path to live the life.

The aim of We Volunteer in India is to bring change in these young lives, making them strong and efficient for the opportunities that lie ahead. We aim to teach and train these young minds so that they are capable to make right choices during tough situations. Providing right knowledge at the right time to young children helps to create and develop a better society.

Your little contribution in bringing change in the life of these children will be valuable. You can be a teacher, a volunteer who is there with them playing interesting games and doing other interesting and learning activities with them. Your tiny participation in their lives will bring lots of smiles and cheers to them. You will get to experience their unconditional love which will be an asset for you too.

Volunteer in India for street kids and become the part of the projects in which these children are taught reading, writing, cleanliness, etiquettes, mannerisms, how to speak well etc. The extracurricular activities like sports and art are also included in their teaching process because it develops their physical strength and overall personality. These children are also provided essential amenities from food and living, the aim is to prepare them for the outside world. These children are in the age group of 1 to 6 and depending on their age we provide essential care and training to them.

Volunteer for child work project-AVI


The volunteer works that are being carried out by We Volunteer In India are:

  • Teaching English, science, maths
  • Teaching art and making them understand about colors and shapes
  • Including activities of music, dance and craft.
  • Developing motivating factors towards work and sincerity, as an effort that they are regular to classes
  • Teaching the importance of hygiene and cleanliness

We are supported by various international volunteers and groups which provide the essentials like books, clothes educational materials, funding for food and other things which we provide to these children. We ensure that these children are well equipped and receive all the love and support they need.

As a volunteer in the volunteering work in India you can choose the area which you would like to teach and participate with the children. You will create a meaningful impact and memories in their heart and mind which they will cherish forever. The only thing that matters most to these children is your presence in their life and the love you can share with them. We Volunteer in India– AVI is here to provide you with the opportunity to help these children to lead a better life.