AVI’s Terms and Conditions

The following “Terms and Conditions” explain the services with which participant is provided by AVI-Adventures and Volunteering in India and what we in turn expect from you as an AVI participant. All references to ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to AVI. All references to ‘you’ refers to the participant, who must be at least 18 years old when your AVI placement begins.

  • “Placement” refers to the general process of placing the participants in a particular service project located within India.
  • When you make a booking for an AVI program, it gives a declaration that you have read, understood, and agreed with all of the AVI’s Terms and Conditions.
  • If you have any comments or questions about our terms and conditions, please email at info@wevolunteerinindia.com and we will be happy to help.

Functions and Services

The function of AVI-Adventures and Volunteering in India is to act in the capacity of a placement agency by matching the participants to suitable projects with the needy community of India while providing requisite support and services. Also, AVI provides administrative support to the participants for arranging local excursions and adventure tours/packages through experienced tour operators/hoteliers.

AVI provides following services to its participants:

  • Comprehensive Pre-departure Information Pack
  • Personal pick up and drop from/to Jaipur airport by AVI representative.
  • Transfer from Jaipur airport to and from project location.
  • Accommodation mostly on twin sharing basis
  • Food- 3 meals a day with afternoon tea and snacks
  • Interactive orientation sessions, historical-, cultural- and language lessons
  • Local transportation from camp to project locations and back from Monday to Friday
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Dedicated on-site assistance of English speaking translator(s).
  • On site guidance and help to arrange independent excursions.
  • All time presence of cooking staff and other support staff
  • Cultural workshops on Henna painting, Indian dressing, Cooking, Yoga and Meditation.
  • Material required for activities on the project.
  • Facilities (TV, DVD player, games and internet access with Wi-Fi)

Payment of Program Fees

You agree that you shall timely pay to AVI all of the Program Fees in consideration for our arranging your suitable placement and providing the services for which AVI is committed to.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

AVI will not be in a position to make refund of your program fee as we need to plan and arrange everything in advance. We are flexible. And, we will really do something to help you in some way in case you are unable to participate in our program due to unavoidable circumstances.

Passport and Visa

You should hold a valid passport for the entire duration of your travel. You will have to obtain an Indian Tourist visa on your own to get an entry into the country. The purpose of your visit is as a Tourist. It may complicate your application if you mention the purpose to work as a volunteer.


There are no compulsory vaccinations to enter India. Please consult your doctor who can advise better about your vaccinations needs.


Insurance is not included in your program fee. Hence, you must ensure that you obtain adequate cover for your health and travel depending upon your needs and preferences for the whole duration of your tour before traveling to India.

Responsibility for Travel

  • You agree, understand and acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for arranging and paying for your own flight to and from Jaipur as, it is not included in your program fees.
  • It is your responsibility to carry all necessary documents while you travel overseas.
  • You agree that AVI shall not be responsible for any supporting documents necessary for your travel needs or other purposes.
  • You agree that AVI is not responsible for any airfare or for any other charges that may result from canceling, changing or transferring flights or other arrangements which may result or occur as a result of your placement and/or project being revised, cancelled, terminated or otherwise modified due to force measures and/or any event and/or circumstances outside AVI’s control.

Consent to Jurisdiction and Venue

You hereby agree that AVI is governed by the laws set by the government of Rajasthan, India and will deal with disputes, copy right issues or charges arise if any within Sikar in the state of Rajasthan, India only.

Use of Photos and Comments

By signing the AVI’s Terms and Conditions you agree that we may use any photo(s)/image(s) we or someone on our behalf take of you or any comments (written or verbal) you make during or in connection with your placement for our promotional/marketing purposes (such as including them in our brochure/web site) without obtaining your further specific permission for making any payment to you. Such use may include mentioning your name, age and town/city/area of residence. The use of such photos and material can also be done on any other domains owned by us.


You agree and acknowledge that you will not leave any valuable belongings unattended in any room without a lock and that AVI is not responsible under any circumstances for any damage, loss or theft of any item(s).

Personal Care

You agree that it is your responsibility to clean your own room, clothes, and personal use items during the project period and to bring any necessary sleeping bags or other accessories needed for your personal use during your stay with the host family.

Personal Expenses

You agree, understand and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all of your personal expenses which are not included in your program fee during your placement.

Personal Liability

You agree that you are and shall remain personally and solely liable for your conduct, actions and/or omissions during whole of your travel period, including, without limitation, any damages you and/or your guests may cause: (i) to the host family and/or accommodations provided by the host family; (ii) to the project staff and/or the project; and (iii) any person or property located within the host country.

Responsibilities of Participants

  • To respect the local culture, customs, and rules.
  • To be aware of the health risks while living and working in India. Participants are requested to take medical advice and take necessary safety precautions, inoculations and immunizations.
  • To bring with you any necessary medications or medical equipment.
  • To avoid drinking tap water and eating food purchased from roadside vendors or in inexpensive restaurants. Water sources may be polluted at some places, so, drinking tap or unboiled water and eating food from roadside vendors or similar sources might result in illness and parasites. AVI will not be responsible for any damages to your health.
  • To take travel advice and learn about travel warnings from your government agencies. AVI will not be responsible for any liability resulting from your failure to take appropriate travel advice.
  • To carry out your duties for attending and completing the project as planned and agreed with AVI.
  • The Participant must abide by the project’s code of conduct/rules and fulfill the duties assigned, to the best of his/her abilities, behave responsibly at all times and cooperate with other staff/participants at the project. Participants must inform the coordinator in case of any absence from the duty.

Seizing the Agreement

AVI will end your agreement with immediate cancellation of your placement with no refunds if-

  • It is believed that any of your action or behavior is threatening or unacceptable to the society or anyone involved with the project based on the judgment of the project staff and/or the coordinator.
  • You are found to be involved in any illegal activities or convicted of any criminal activities during the period of your placement
  • You violate any condition outlined under “Responsibilities of Participants”
  • You have given false information about your medical or mental health condition
  • You decide voluntarily to opt out of the program in between.
  • You are found taking drugs or using such material while at the project
  • You are found to be engaged in sexual behavior while your stay at the host family.

Limitations and Risks

Like other international volunteer programs, AVI projects may involve risks, foreseen and unforeseen and participants should be prepared to accept those risks. Whilst, we aim to safeguard participant’s health and safety, with appropriate advice on what is likely to affect them. We cannot be responsible for damage, illness or injury sustained during or resulting from participation in an AVI placement.


Applicant agrees, understands and acknowledges that he/she (i) has read and fully understood this legal contract, with full knowledge of its meaning and significance; (ii) intends that this Agreement be legally binding upon and enforceable against Applicant; (iii) confirms that Applicant is at least eighteen (18) years of age, fully competent, and entering into this Agreement voluntarily of his/ her own.