Volunteer in India for teaching English to poor children with ‘We Volunteer in India’- AVI

When you search for the volunteering opportunities in India, teaching English and Maths is one such area where you can contribute, and where your contribution would actually matter! There are a number of benefits of joining teaching program in India with AVI.

As per Nelson Mandela,“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is clear that importance must be given to education in order to bring a change in the society or the world. Equal opportunities for education must be provided to each and every child of the society as education is their birth right and is must for their proper growth. Education enables a child to live a better life and enhances his personality as well. It is a cruel reality that about 61 million children across the world are forced to live in poverty and are unable to attend the school to get the basic education. And, India is among the leading countries in the world in this field.

Yes, We Volunteer in India invites volunteers from all around the world to teach English to those poor children who wish to learn and live with self respect. AVI is also working in this direction to help poor children get support to live with respect. Several schools have been started by AVI since its inception, having their own teachers that work from Monday to Saturday with dedication in order to educate the children in the low caste areas who are deprived of education. By joining We Volunteer in India, volunteers can contribute in teaching low caste, disabled and poor children who thereafter can live a respectable life. The most important thing that is to be taught to the children is to have a desire to go to the school and learn the basic social behavior.So, next time you wish to know how to volunteer in India, the answer would be by teaching.

Volunteers are needed in these project areas because of lack of adequate resources to work efficiently and get better results.

What volunteers in India can do under volunteer teaching project at AVI for the needy and the poor ones?

There are several activities that can be performed by volunteers in the teaching program. These are:

  • Helping the children to stay clean, they are taught with how to wash their hands and face, brush their teeth and cut the nails.
  • They are taught to be in queue while the Morning Prayer is on and are also taught to sing good prayers and morning songs.
  • Teaching the children basic social behavior and also about the rules in the school.
  • Organize scheduled lessons on English and Mathematics with the help of local teachers.
  • Helping the children in coloring and learning rhymes and songs.
  • Organize educational plays and drawing activities, teaching alphabets, numbers, names of vegetables, fruits, body parts, additions, subtractions etc.
  • Educational games- indoor and outdoor are played with the kids, art and craft and fun loving activities are done with them like storytelling, poem and dancing.
  • In order to make the learning more amusing and motivating, some meaningful games must be organized for the children in the last half an hour of the school time.
  • Sing a goodbye song for the children before leaving the project.
  • Develop the teaching and learning material during the trip.

Why Volunteer in India for Teaching with AVI?

If you wish to volunteer in India, then AVI is waiting for you with hundreds of poor and needy kids who need nothing but some love, your time and simplest ways of learning English. These poor children in Rajasthan, India are living with a hope that a ray of light will come and would take away all darkness from their life. May be that is the reason why every volunteer when finishes the volunteering program and returns, he/she returns with tears of joy and sorrow of being separated with these innocent kids. The pics shown on this page are the real memories of volunteers who completed their tenure and returned with a sense of satisfaction. Here is what they have to say for their experience at AVI. There’s lot more available at the Facebook page of AVI also that shows a glimpse of past memories of the volunteers at AVI.