Get to know about the attractive culture of Shekhawati region while volunteering in India with We Volunteer in India- AVI

If you want to volunteer in India, then visit to Rajasthan and its great locations is something you can’t afford to miss. In the Northern part of Rajasthan is the Shekhawati region it is entirely within the triangle that is formed by Delhi-Bikaner-Jaipur. Not just a fort or a town but a region is represented by Shekhawati. The name Shekhawati of this place is derived from its ruler Rao Shekha. By Shekhawati it means the garden of Shekha.

The amazingly painted Mansions or Haveli in the Shekhawati region are the main attractions of this place. This region is dubbed as the “Open art gallery of Rajasthan” on account of the architecturally rich and varied Havelis. The fact that makes these Havelis fascinating is that there are excess of these havelis and that too painted in an artistic pattern. Number of small and medium sized villages and towns are combined together in the Shekhawati region and the people who loved to create scenes on walls with painting were once inhabited in these places.

Trips to some of the major towns in the Shekhawati region are arranged by us including Dundlod, Nawalgarh, Fatehpur and Mandawa that are located in the area that is within 70-75 kilometers from Sikar.

Depending on the exact number of participants will the price of the trip be calculated including:

  • The private taxi arranged to travel all these towns and back to camp and it will include the toll tax.
  • The visit to all the palaces and forts that are there in these towns.
  • During the whole trip, one of the AVI staff will accompany you.
  • Drinks and lunch of the staff member of AVI and taxi driver.

Following will be excluded:

  • At the monuments, entry fees wherever applicable.
  • Your drinks and lunch.