AVI Policy

The basic purpose to which AVI is committed to is travelling in a way that is respectful of local communities, local people, their culture and the environment. One thing that has to be remembered is that what may be acceptable dressing, behavior, language in our country might not be suitable in another country. While travelling, this thing must be kept in mind.

Here are top responsible travel tips for India

  1. The traditions, customs, culture and religion of India must be taken into consideration.
  2. Your dressing must be respectful and modest. If you are entering any place of worship then the knees as well as shoulders must be kept covered.
  3. Try to avoid buying the bottled water as much as possible for the environmental reasons. Canteen with filtered water or fill a water bottle that is reusable.
  4. All the litter including the cigarette butts must be disposed thoughtfully.
  5. Stay calm while bargaining at the markets, keep a smile on your face and be reasonable. This meant to be fun and not for stress.
  6. Don’t be afraid of using the local language and learn it. If you make use of the simple greetings than it will help you a lot in breaking the ice.
  7. You must shop for the products that are made locally. You will this way help in keeping the traditional crafts alive by supporting the local artisans.
  8. Before taking photos of anyone including children, ask them first and take their permission.