Get lectures on Interesting topics to understand India better while volunteering in India with AVI

If you are coming to India for the first time, or in case you are volunteering in India and carry a lot of doubts then you can expect good information or tips at AVI. We offer useful information to all our participants about the safety, different projects, transportation, accommodation and other related issues on the very day when they arrive at the rural camp.

More interactive and informative sessions are scheduled and organized for the volunteers so as to help them learn about India particularly its Geography, History, culture, Economy, Hinduism , caste system, situation of women and female child in Indian society, Indian lifestyle and Feng Shui etc.

So, if you wish to volunteer in India, then have a look at a number of volunteering programs offered by We Volunteer in India– AVI. We understand, it is one such opportunity that can prove as a turning point in your life and can give a meaning to your life.