How to Apply for the best volunteering program in India

  1. Fill in your details below and submit the Application Form.
  2. On receipt of your application we will assess your suitability for the project. If everything is ok we will send you a welcome email while advising you to book your flight for Jaipur airport and back on one of our given dates.
  3. On receipt of your flight details, we will send you an invoice of your whole volunteering program fee with AVI’s bank details to enable you to transfer the money to AVI’s bank account electronically.
  4. If you have any question or need any assistance, please click here to Contact Us

Please do not make any travel arrangement until you have received written confirmation from us. Come, be a part of the most reliable and best volunteering program in India that helps you to see Indian culture with different perspective, understand the problems of low caste and poor children and help in the women empowerment.

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