Volunteer in India and experience Indian culture with Home Stay/ Cultural Exchange Program.

Are you planning to volunteer in India? If yes, then before selecting any volunteering organization in India, have a look at programs offered by We Volunteer in India- AVI, where you will get a chance to get full overview of Indian culture by availing unique Home Stay option. The participants at AVI are provided with number of opportunities with which they can immerse into local Indian culture. For all those who are visiting India for the first time, this is especially helpful.

Indian culture has a tradition in which the guests are provided with very warm welcome and there is a saying as well, “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning that the “The guest is God”. People in India consider it a huge honor to welcome the guests and it is therefore said that nothing is there like the Indian hospitality. At AVI under home stay volunteer work option, you can enjoy Indian cooking, get benefited with Yoga, Meditation and learn Ayurveda while volunteering in India and much more.

Live like a family member: it gives an opportunity in which you live the life like a family member on the farm in the middle of their normal life and not just observe them from a distance like a tourist.

Celebrations, local fairs, markets and festivals

There are plenty of opportunities for the volunteers in which they can gain experience of the customs and culture of India and they can also visit to the mesmerizing jewelry and textile markets for shopping. If some events like birthday or wedding take place during their volunteer weeks then they also get the chance to participate in these celebrations.

Cultural workshops

Number of cultural workshops that are organized professionally are also part of our volunteer programs. These workshops include practical as well as theoretical activities regarding the Indian cooking in which the participants can learn to cook some of the delicious Indian recipes like Dal, Roti, Paranthas, rice, mixed vegetables and Indian Tea. They also get chance to learn to wear the Indian dresses like sari, Henna painting and enjoy Indian dancing workshop.

AVI is the best option available for all those who want to have such life changing experiences by participating in its volunteer programs with us.