Volunteer in Health Care programs in India

Do you wish to volunteer in India to help the needy and the poor ones? If yes, then what about contributing in improving the health care services in India which is required by most of the poor and low caste people? If yes, then you can volunteer in health care programs in India by joining hands with AVI- We Volunteer in India.

While volunteering in a wonderful country like India which has its own charm when it comes to natural beauty, diversity in the culture, wildlife, what if you get a chance to see real India that lives in villages? This will give you such volunteering experience which you will never remember your whole life. Although, there’s no doubt that India is incredible still its unfortunate that because of huge population, there still exists a lot of poverty. Still there are poor children who die because of starvation, who get disabled or suffer from serious disease because of poor healthcare services. Although, the situation is improving, still there’s a long way to go and under such a situation your contribution will actually make a difference. But don’t you think instead of helping these people financially, you should come and volunteer healthcare services? Yes, this is what AVI expects from all the volunteers worldwide.

By joining reliable volunteering programs related to health care in India, you can save a good number of people dying form a number of diseases. Every individual has the right to get the basic healthcare services and this helps to diagnose the health problems so that they can get rid of them and lead a healthy life. The primary and secondary healthcare is included in the healthcare services that help a person to live a healthy life. Awareness is spread in the communities regarding these healthcare services and the life saving resources is availed to them in these medical and healthcare projects.

At AVI, we believe for a healthier population, best healthcare services are required to be provided to all including those who are living in the underdeveloped areas and are deprived of the basic healthcare services. The volunteers in the healthcare projects provide the assistance in these areas so that the people get the services and enjoy a better health. Services for the infants, pregnant women and lactating mother are provided in these projects and each and every individual is provided with basic first aid facilities. Also, awareness regarding proper hygiene and sanitation is spread in these areas so that they can live a healthy life.

If you wish to be a part of health care volunteer program in India and want to join AVI,then we request you to first have a look at the testimonials of the past volunteers as this will help you join this program with great enthusiasm and full zeal and this makes AVI different from others. Moreover, if you feel you need to have special medical degree or so to be a part of this, then you are wrong. There’s much that’s required in order to save poor kids die from frightening disease.For instance, due to improper hygiene kids die of diarrhea and volunteers can save them by telling how to maintain proper hygiene.

What volunteers can do in the health care program for the poor and the needy ones?

  • Washing hands and face of the children, helping them to brush their teeth every day before starting the school. Sometimes we help them to shower and we cut their nails.
  • Cleaning the wounds/cuts of the children and put the bandages to the extent we can. The aim is to increase general awareness about health and hygiene among the children and their parents.
  • Monitoring pregnant, expectant and nursing mothers, and especially newborns and / or malnourished children by feeding, measuring and weighing them at regular intervals.
  • Informing the community about the harmful effects of tobacco, chewing tobacco and alcohol with an aim to decrease the abuse among parents and children.
  • Occasionally, we distribute condoms and also talk about the importance of birth control. Teaching about HIV / AIDS may also occur. On some occasions, we participate and help in organizing large vaccination/health campaigns.
  • Awareness is spread especially among the pregnant women regarding the importance of vaccinations, personal health and nutrition.