Incredible India- Yes, this adjective suits perfectly to the country that is rich in culture, religion diversity, exciting food, wonderful clothing and what not. Be it diversity in culture or religions, India is indeed a country that attracts volunteers from all around the world. If you wish to explore the magnificent culture of India, then you should opt for volunteer in India option. Unlike a number of other volunteering organizations, AVI- We Volunteer in India, offers a unique cultural experience program under which the volunteers get a chance to live the exciting village life of India, understand their culture, their living style and get a better glimpse of their lifestyle. When you volunteer in India with AVI, you can enjoy travel to places like Pushkar, famous for Camel fair, or explore Rajasthan that is known for its beautiful culture. In addition, you can even explore Taj Mahal and other exciting places while volunteering in India.
Below are the main activities included in the volunteer programs offered by AVI along with cultural experience program: