Volunteer with Street Kids in India

If you have seen documentaries on India, you must have got a keen desire to volunteer with the street children in India. Volunteering in India is really amazing and there are reasons for it. With AVI, you will get a chance to fulfill this dream. We Volunteer in India, invites volunteers from all around the world to work with us for the welfare of street children in India. With the support of International volunteers, we work on providing better health care, free education, uniforms, educational materials and play materials to the street children. Volunteers at AVI work mainly on the ways that are considered important for the betterment of poor children. Under child care project, they are taught the importance of hygiene, general knowledge, manner and etiquette while eating, speaking, talking, moving and even reading etc. AVI is able to fulfill this with the help of its highly skilled staff members, teachers and volunteers. In order to boost physical stamina, even games and sports are conducted by AVI. Only those who are truly dedicated to provide their services to the needy children are taken as volunteers in the project.

Still the struggle is going on in the country in order to provide the disadvantaged children with proper and healthy living and education. Because of this reason, there are a number of issues to which the disadvantaged children of the society are vulnerable like malnutrition, illiteracy as well as a barren future.

The number of issues that exist for the sake of healthy living and better education of these children are worked upon by the volunteers in our childcare project. In order to ensure a proper growth of the children, the volunteers create a learning environment with the help of number of interactive activities. Along with the awareness activities that are related to the issues such as the health and hygiene of these children, support and care activities are also planned and performed by the volunteers.

The children are getting attracted towards the child development centers by the volunteers as they act as their role models. The overall development of these children is the main aim of our childcare project and the volunteers work with dedication to achieve this goal. Volunteers are needed in these project areas because of lack of adequate resources to work efficiently and get better results.

What volunteers can do in the Child Care program for the poor and needy children at We Volunteer in India?

  • Helping the children in their growth and provide proper education to them.
  • Helping the children in coloring and learning rhymes and songs.
  • Hygiene activities- washing face, hands and hair, nail cutting etc are taught to them.
  • Organize educational plays and drawing activities, teaching alphabets, numbers, names of vegetables, fruits etc.
  • Educational games- indoor and outdoor are played with the kids, art and craft and fun loving activities are done with them like storytelling, poem and dancing.
  • The children are taught with the general health practices and food habits like washing the hands properly after using washroom and before eating food.
  • Interaction sessions with the parents of these children and presenting them the general vaccination schedule and take care of the children by helping the local staff.
  • Experience a life changing effect in yourself by helping the needy children.
  • When transformation and growth is seen in these children, it develops a feeling of pride and satisfaction.
  • It also lets a person to know about the problems the local community faces in their everyday life.
  • It helps to get in touch with new people, make new friends and experience different cultures.