Here are some tips for volunteering in India to help you plan volunteer work in India at affordable price, with no restriction on fun and satisfaction.

1. Have fun:
India is a democratic country. In India different religion and peoples of different belief resides. India is also famous for shopping. India is called shopper’s paradise. By shopping in india one can learn the art of bargaining. Initially the shopkeeper offer the high price then the actual retail price offered to an Indian but if you bargain for the same then you can get close to the price that will be offered if you were Indian. You can also fake that you are Indian by changing your dressing and speaking more in hindi and saying that you were living in different part of India.

2. Transport, Traffic, Holy Cow and the begging Mafia:
As in India traffic and facilities of transport is increasing and if one is looking serene place for volunteering then one should choose the location accordingly. There will be some sort of noise in the metro cities. One can see Cows blocking traffic in the middle of road but as Cows are considered auspicious in India then why go into the why’s of so and so.

As in India one can see lots of beggars in Indian roads and streets so one should act smart by carrying the 5-10 rupees denomination. You should give money to the beggars at the time of leaving the place unless you want to feel like a celebrity and be mauled by beggars.

3. Make Sure You don’t commit yourself:
Volunteering is a way of giving something back to Community but it you should not overdo it. Means you should do it in the limit because as you are there to help and not to feel them overwhelmed. So one should do research first about the kind of accommodation you are going to provide.


4. Eat Love Pray:
India is famous for food and you will love to eat here if you are vegetarian. If you are non- religious and want to run an NGO then for raising the money you should bring religion into it because it is difficult to raise money without bringing religion into the NGOs. But it is not necessary that you should adhere to that fact. India is a welcoming country. Infact in India Guest is the avatar of God.

India is also famous for Yoga or meditation and wanted to learn yoga then India is a good place for starting it or learning it. Yoga practitioners also patented some asana/postures.

5. Hello Delhi Belly:
You should take care of what to eat and want not eat in the first few days in India. You should take extra precautions in the starting days in India. Do not drink street water or try to drink bottled water. If possible you should avoid eating non-veg. and eat yogurt as much as possible. As Indian food is little bit spicy so give time to your body to adjust accordingly.

The above mentioned are few tips to help you enjoy volunteering work in India at affordable price without restriction on fun. If you don’t want to take chance and looking for volunteering work in India at affordable price, then We Volunteer in India– AVI is here to help you out.