AVI – Adventures and Volunteering in India was founded in co-operation with two Swedish former volunteers – Signhild Örnberg and Gunilla Hillergren in early 2008. It is one of a kind voluntary organization that offers the best volunteer opportunity in India with a unique home stay option. The main factor that differentiates AVI from rest is the fact that, it never asks for money or any kind of financial help rather it provides opportunity to volunteers to live with those who are needy, understand their problem, live with them and then help them in the manner they want.It is because of this unique approach, hundreds of volunteers who are back to their respective countries in Sweden, USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, Canada and a number of other countries from Europe still prefer to keep in touch with AVI. Here’s AVI Facebook page with a lot of memories of its past Volunteers.

It promotes rural tourism with a view to help street children and low caste people. AVI’s primary goal is to provide the low caste and poor population of the two villages- Banjara Basti and Hathi Tiba self-help. These residencies are located in the town Sikar in Rajasthan, northwest India, about 300 kilometers from Delhi. We Volunteer in India mainly works with street children, adolescents and disables on the issues relating to education, health, family planning and skill development, women empowerment and teaching.

AVI’s staff has extensive experience of working with international volunteers since 2003 and has participated in many volunteer projects in India.  Moreover, Signhild and Gunilla have worked as volunteers with various organizations in Thailand and India. At We Volunteer in India, we understand the real happiness lies in imparting happiness among those who need the most. To know more about the volunteer programs in India being offered by AVI have a look at Volunteering in India page.


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